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NYC Distributor of Carpet Care Products

Edmer Sanitary Supply supplies clients in the NYC area a wide variety of carpet care products. These cleaning products are great for a variety of commercial uses. Keep the carpets in your offices clean with our great products. Although much of our business revolved are the NYC area, we distribute to clients nationwide. We pride ourselves on our selection of carpet care products. So please, reach out to us today for more information about our cleaning supplies. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote.

Our cleaners will prevent the spread of germs in the office setting, which is a vital aspect of running any business. Constantly having sick employees is not only unproductive, but it creates an atmosphere that is simply not fun to be a part of. Avoid those issues with our line of cleaning products and keep everyone in the office healthy and ready to work.  

NYC Carpet Care ProductsCarpet Care Products Selection

Edmer Sanitary Supply is proud to carry a wide range of carpet care products available to customers throughout the NYC area. By providing you with options, we hope you can select the perfect product for your specific task. There are two basic purposes when cleaning your carpet:

  • Odor Eliminator: We also carry a powdered counteractant, which specifically targets odors, such as rugs, carpets, pet areas and anywhere else you may be experiencing odor issues. When applying on a carpeted surface, sprinkle it lightly to cover the area. Once it is sprinkled, simply wait a few minutes and then vacuum it up. Each case is packed with twelve 15 oz cans.

  • Carpet Defoamers & Extractors: Carpets are a mainstay in offices around the country. Not having a quality carpet defoamer or extractors can lead to your office becoming dirty and unhygienic. Our carpet defoamers and extractors can be directly added to the tanks of carpet extractors and automatic scrubbers, simplifying the cleaning process as a whole. And they allow you to expertly clean your office.

From carpet defoamers, to carpet extraction cleaners, to upholstery shampoo and concentrated freshers, our inventory is full of carpet care products that will surely get the job done. All of our products are available at affordable and wholesale rates.

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We have a variety of cleaning and carpet care products that will attack the carpet issue from different aspects. You will surely find the solution to your carpet cleaning needs at Edmer Sanitary Supply. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with only the best products for your money. Spending an arm and a leg to ensure your carpets are clean is unnecessary. Save money with our affordable selection of products. For more information about our line of cleaning supplies, please contact us todayCall (516) 794-2000 for more information about all of our cleaning and carpet care products available to customers throughout the NYC area. When you reach out, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today!