Automatic Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers

Having a quality automatic floor scrubber or sweeper for your place of business can ensure a healthy and clean living environment for you and your employees. It can also lead to a more productive workplace, as a mop and bucket takes longer to clean. Simplify how you clean with a quality scrubbing machine.

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Floors that receive higher foot traffic will require more scrubbing in order to ensure they stay clean. This can be a tiresome and time-consuming process if you are using simply a mop and your own scrubbing materials. Our quality automatic floor scrubbers will ensure that these heavily used floors are kept neat and clean looking. There are a few reasons why, if you receive a high volume of visitors each day, that you should look into purchasing a quality commercial scrubber.

Quicker Dry Times

Perhaps the greatest ability of one of these high-quality floor scrubbers is how quickly the floor dries. A traditional mop and bucket can take a long time to properly dry. This is due to the amount of water used in that process. Automatic scrubbers do not use as much water, so the dry times will be considerably shorter. This limits the amount of time an unfortunate fall or incident can take place, saving everybody an unwanted headache.

More Efficient Cleaning

As we just mentioned, it uses less water. So that is one way it is a more efficient method to clean. It is also simply more efficient in the cleaning process, ridding areas of dirt, grime, and grease more quickly than a mop would. A floor scrubber works by spraying water and chemicals on the floor at the same time. It then scrubs the dirt and grime away, leaving behind a nice, clean finish.

Simpler Cleaning Process

A floor scrubber has a few different settings, which makes cleaning floors that much more simple. An there is no scrubbing, as you would do with a mop. You simply either ride it or push it, depending on the type of model you have, and the machine does all the work. This means you save time and energy to be more productive in other areas.

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