Snow & Ice Melt

Be one step ahead of the winter with Edmer, your source for snow and ice safety products. We offer ice melt, scoops, shovels, spreaders, ergonomic shovels and more. Visit our Long Island location or order online. We ship nationwide!

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As the weather inevitably turns colder on Long Island, the NYC area, and throughout the country, there is a higher risk for roads and walkways to turn dangerous because of snow and ice accumulation. Slipping, falling and even car accidents may occur if the snow and ice are not properly cleaned up. Your home or business should always be safe for any guests to travel to and from. There are many products on the market that can help clear your roads and pathways. Fortunately, we are your one-stop shop for weather supplies. 

We carry quality heavy duty shovels for when the snow piles up. Having a great shovel can go a long way. Nobody likes to shovel snow, but with our shovels, the burden of shoveling will be eased and less strenuous. And due to their strong make-up, they will last for more than the one winter. No need to constantly buy a new shovel with each winter. Make one purchase that will last for years!

If you need to lay down salt over a large area, we have an ice melt spreader to speed up the process. It holds up to 100 lbs. of salt and has a flow regulator on the handle to manage the dispersal rate. It is simple and easy to use and will make the hassle of spreading the salt that much more manageable. Great for preventing parking lots from icing up, as well as the driveway to your home.

Ice Melt Distributor

Edmer Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. offers a wide array of snow and ice melt. If you are a business or home owner, ensuring your walkways are safe and slip resistant are vital to the safety of your clients and guests. Our products eliminate hardened or slushy snow and ice that could cause falls and injuries. We supply snow and ice melt products for NYC, Long Island (Suffolk County and Nassau County), New Jersey and Connecticut commercial and residential areas.

If you have questions about our snow and ice melt options or other products, please contact us today. You can visit our East Meadow, NY location or call us at (516) 794-2000.