Cimex CR48CM Carpet Shampooer

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Cimex Carpet Shampooer & Floor Machine
  • 3-brush system professionally cleans the dirtiest carpets
  • Machine easily pushes forward & back - no operator fatigue - no previous experience required to operate this simple machine
  • Drying time cut in half with dry foam shampoo
  • "Deep Cleaning" shampoo brushes included
  • Restores a "new" look on any pile carpet in just one pass
  • Floating brushes clean conventional floors as well as textured stone, grout and tile
  • 400 RPM deep cleans
  • Please specify on order: machine with instalok pad driver OR machine with nylon carpet shampoo brushes

Extensive range of brushes available for scrubbing, sanding, polishing and scarifying cement

  • Shampoo Brushes
  • Instalok Brushes
  • H.D Scarifying Brushes: steel wire bristles, quick removal of caked on grease & grime

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