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Winter's on the Way . . . Germs, Too!

Posted On: November 17, 2014

It is a known fact that most viruses and illnesses spread more easily during the cold winter months. Everywhere you go, you encounter someone sneezing or coughing.  Since you can’t avoid other people for the winter months, is there a way to avoid getting sick?

The answer is no, you cannot avoid getting sick entirely, but you can severely diminish your risk of getting sick.

You can diminish your risk of catching something by washing your hands constantly.  You should always have hand sanitizer within reach, on your desk, in your car or in your purse. Always sanitize your hands after contact with another person or any publicly used item (i.e., doorknobs, phones, computers and work stations).

Whether you work in a school, an office, or outdoors, you are constantly at risk for contracting a cold. Keep your workspace clean! Use A2Z disinfecting glass & multi-surface cleaner…It is ready to use in a spray bottle, just spray it and wipe it away! Take the extra step and keep Disinfectant Spray #015 handy on your desk to spray your office or classroom to kill those germs.

Airborne and surface germs are easily eliminated with proper cleaning procedures and products. Edmer Company carries a large arsenal of cleaners, disinfectants and detergents to attack and eliminate all germs.

Call today to find out more about our disinfectants for keeping you healthy and germ-free this winter!